Beech Tree ES Kicks Off 2017 with New Salad Bar


Beech Tree ES is the latest elementary school to join the FCPS Salad Bar Family with its opening on January 11. Students were anxiously awaiting the opening when they returned from the Winter Break.

Cafeteria Host “Miss Amy” shared that the students lined up at the cafeteria doors each day asking “is it today???” As with previous salad bar openings, some students took modest amounts while others piled their plates with fresh lettuce, chicken, grapes, cheese and carrots.


Miss Amy, who has been cafeteria host for six years, said this is one of the most exciting things to happen on her watch. She noted that, in the past, fruits and vegetables the students were required to take often ended up in the trash, but with the salad bar she was seeing many kids take big servings and very little waste. “When they get to choose what they like, they take more.”

Ten more salad bars will open this school year. The next will be Hutchison ES on January 25. Thirty-two salad bars are slated for opening next year. Real Food for Kids will play a continuing role in supporting FCPS Food and Nutrition Services with these openings.

For more information on requesting a salad bar at your school or support your school with an upcoming opening, email


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