Q&A with Suzie Bae

Real Food for Kids Student Representative…and Blogger

suzie-bae-croppedSuzie Bae, a senior at Thomas Jefferson HS, is an advocate for healthy school food. In addition to serving as a representative to the 10th Congressional District Young Women Leadership Program and member of Youth Leadership of Greater Washington, Bae is also a MUN Senator, NHS Vice President, Korean school tutor and Hanley Family Shelter volunteer. She recently joined the board of Real Food for Kids as a student representative. Her blog, https://rffkstudentrep.wordpress.com/, launched last month.

RFFK: Why did you feel the need to create this RFFK blog?

Bae: I wanted this blog to consolidate information from both my work on the board and my experience with school food as a student. Considering that Fairfax County consists of over 180,000 students, I felt a blog would be one of the best ways of sharing what’s happening with RFFK and the county food services team with a broader student community.

RFFK: What’s been the response so far? 

Bae: Although I only started the blog a little over a month ago, several students have contacted me expressing their interest in joining the student health advocacy board. I’m still working to ensure that I have as many audience members as possible so that people are receiving the updates they need, and am hoping to reach at least 50 blog viewers/readers by the end of this month.

RFFK: How do you plan to promote your blog?

Bae: Aside from having contacted School Board members such as Mr. [Ryan] McElveen to assist me with blog promotion, I’ve also been keeping in close touch with Laura Chu, the student representative to the School Board. She’s been promoting the blog, along with a student health advocacy board that is in the works, during public school board meetings.

RFFK: What are your plans after leaving TJ?

Bae: I plan to study Policy Analysis and International Relations in college. I’m hoping to hear soon on an early decision application with a school with a world-renowned food studies program. So I’ll be staying involved with nutrition.

Suzie Bae was interviewed by Real Food for Kids Program Associate Colette Worm


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