It’s the Most Special Thing!”

FCPS Welcomes Three New Schools to the Salad Bar Community

Aldrin, Riverside and White Oaks elementary schools joined the FCPS salad bar community with their openings in November and December. Food services staff worked tirelessly on the first days to ensure trays of fresh fruits and veggies were kept full to satisfy hungry students eager to try their favorite foods or something new and different.


A Riverside Student Loads His Plate at the New Salad Bar

Aldrin students, with help from cafeteria staff and PTA volunteers, were excited about the hard-boiled eggs and corn. Hunter Mill District School Board Member, Pat Hynes, stopped in to observe the opening. “It was exciting to see the salad bar at work! Students of all ages took their choice of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, then went through the hot food line. I was impressed that the kids had been “trained” ahead of time by FNS staff in how to pick the right amount, and I saw very little waste at the tables.” Hynes also said it was a “beautiful bonus” to see the new compostable cardboard trays instead of the former pink Styrofoam ones, which have now been officially phased out of use in FCPS cafeterias.


Aldrin Students Dress Their Salads

One Riverside student asked “Is the salad bar never going away?” and was delighted to know it would be available every day. Salad bars now replace the fruits and vegetables previously picked up in the serving line. The benefit is that students self-select, a process studies show increases the amount they choose and consume. A student from El Salvador was excited to see jimaca on the salad bar, an unfamiliar vegetable to many in North America. “It’s the most special thing in my country,” she shared.


Salad Prep in the Kitchen at White Oaks

White Oaks parents, looking forward to the salad bar, even volunteered at the assembly to see how kids were trained in safety, process and etiquette. And more were on hand to help students remember the instructions on opening day.

White Oaks wraps up the salad bar installations for 2016. Twelve more salad bars are planned between January and May 2017, with 31 planned to open in the 2017-2018 school year.

Christie St. Pierre, FCPS Farm to School Coordinator with the “lunch ladies” at Riverside

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