Whole Foods Supports Real Food For Kids in Georgia!

When Real Food For Kids’ former executive director, JoAnne Hammermaster, found out she was moving to the Atlanta area, she was shocked. After working for so many years in school food reform in the metro DC area, it was hard to leave the great team and relationships behind. But after getting settled, she realized she could not stop her passion for improving school food. Welcome Georgia to the Real Food For Kids’ network!

RFFK GA has been working over the past year to learn about issues particular to the region, parent sentiment, and student preferences. Hammermaster noted, “I am very excited to meet people from all over the state that are concerned about school food. We have some strong food and nutrition services directors that are doing amazing things.”

whole foods georgia_2x

RFFK GA was recently honored by Whole Foods to be selected as the recipient for their 5% Day, where they donate 5% of their net sales to a designated non-profit. The group will use the proceeds to fund educational programs and projects. They are hosting three Healthy Body Healthy Minds series in September and October in the Marietta area that focus on how to fuel our bodies with balanced macro and micro nutrients to maintain energy throughout the day and to reduce cravings.

Thank you, Whole Foods, for being a partner in the health and well-being of our children!


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