Real Food For Kids Hosts 1st Annual Teen Taste Sense-ation Event Held at Cooper Middle School

Real Food For Kids held its 1st Annual Teen Taste Sense-ation at Cooper Middle School on March 26th for 85 8th graders.

Master sommelier Kathy Morgan and acclaimed mixologist E. Jay Apaga combined to create a fantastic workshop to encourage kids to become more adventuresome and curious consumers of foods and beverages.

teen taste 3_2x

Kathy put together a slide show that addressed the “tongue map” where the primary taste receptors are located on the tongue, and other specifics concerning taste and flavor, while E.Jay created 11 different infusions. Both Kathy and E. Jay Apaga then walked the kids through each taste enlisting reactions, comments and connections.

The program was well received by the students and visitors in the attendance that day. Some of the favorites were: Fresh lemonade- not too sweet with a good balance of sweet and sour, and the Ginger lemonade with background notes of heat and zip!

A huge thank you to Kathy Morgan, E. Jay Apaga and Cooper Middle School for all of their help with this very successful program!


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