Real Food for Kids 3rd Annual Feeding Academic Success Culinary Challenge goes to Marshall High School

“The sesame ginger dressing was nicely balanced and really tied your dish together. Good job,” said Chef Michelle Poteaux, co-owner and executive pastry chef of Bastille Restaurant in Alexandria. Poteaux participated as one of the judges in Real Food for Kids’ 3rd annual Feeding Academic Success Culinary Challenge, held on March 10th. Poteaux commented on Marshall High School’s soba noodle salad, which was the contest’s winning dish.


RFKK tasked the three FCPS culinary academies, Edison, Chantilly, and Marshall, to create delicious, grab-n-go meals that could be adapted to cafeteria menus. The criteria? The meals had to be nutritious, between 750 and 850 calories, and contain protein, grains, fruit and/or vegetables.

“[The purpose of] our Feeding Academic Success Culinary Challenge is to showcase the FCPS culinary programs, provide experience and industry networking opportunities for students, and increase awareness among students, parents and administrators about healthful eating,” said Jenny Hein, executive director of Real Food for Kids.

The FCPS Culinary Academies, part of the FCPS Academies Network, which offers advanced technical courses and certification programs for various disciplines, offers a two-year culinary arts certification program. Many graduates of the program matriculate to culinary schools like Johnson & Wales, Culinary Institute of America, and L’Academie de Cuisine.

The four-member Marshall team members, Stephen Pungello, Anthony Panetta, Alex Cerda, and Brian Andrade, won the Five Star award, each winning a Wusthof chef knife and $200. Edison won the Gold Award, with Chantilly receiving the Silver Award.

Other judges participating included Jay Comfort, executive chef of Lebanese Taverna; Ben Press, a Madison High School student and RFKK board member; Harris LaTeef, a Langley high school student and FCPS School Board representative, and Maria Perrone, a chef and Dietician and Nutrition Specialist for FCPS Food and Nutrition Services.  FCPS News Hour was there to film the event.

The recipes from all three teams are available for you below. Enjoy!

Edison High School

Marshall High School

Chantilly High School


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